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Units: Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering (Engineering, Computing and Mathematics)

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ELEC1300  Digital Systems 1
ELEC1302  Power and Machine Technologies
ELEC2300  Circuits and Electronic Systems 2
ELEC2301  Digital System Design
ELEC2303  Embedded Systems
ELEC2304  Physical Electronics 2
ELEC2305  Signals and Systems 2
ELEC2306  Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
ELEC3300  Analogue Electronics
ELEC3301  Circuits and Electronic Systems 3
ELEC3302  Communications Systems
ELEC3303  Electromagnetic Theory
ELEC3305  Power and Machines
ELEC3306  Signals and Systems 3
ELEC3307  Engineering Management and Industrial Practice
ELEC3320  Process Instrumentation and Control
ELEC4300  Control Engineering
ELEC4301  Digital Communications and Networking
ELEC4302  Digital Microelectronics Systems Design
ELEC4307  Power Transmission and Control
ELEC4308  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Project Part 1
ELEC4309  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Project Part 2
ELEC4310  Computer Engineering Project Part 1
ELEC4311  Computer Engineering Project Part 2
ELEC4320  Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering Project Part 1
ELEC4321  Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering Project Part 2
ELEC4332  Project Engineering Practice
ELEC4338  Special Topics
ELEC4339  Special Topics
ELEC4342  Semiconductor Nanoelectronics
ELEC4401  Circuits and Electronic Systems
ELEC4402  Communications Systems
ELEC4403  Digital and Embedded Systems
ELEC4404  Signal Processing
ELEC5501  Advanced Communications
ELEC5502  Analogue Electronics
ELEC5503  Digital Microelectronics Systems Design
ELEC5504  Power Electronics
ELEC5505  Power System Analysis
ELEC5506  Process Instrumentation and Control
ELEC5507  Optical Engineering, Photonics and Biomedical Imaging Systems
ELEC5508  Semiconductor Nanoelectronics
ELEC8310  Individual Project (MEICT) Part 1
ELEC8311  Individual Project (MEICT) Part 2
ELEC8312  Individual Project (MEICT) Part 3
ELEC8315  High Performance Embedded Systems
ELEC8317  Advanced Wireless Communications
ELEC8324  Compound Semiconductor Devices
ELEC8326  Micro-electromechanical Systems
ELEC8329  VLSI Technology and Reliability
ELEC8330  Dissertation MEME Part 1
ELEC8331  Dissertation MEME Part 2
ELEC8332  Dissertation MEME Part 3
ELEC8341  Energy Management System
ELEC8343  Numeric Protection, Communications and Transducers
ELEC8345  Power Systems Control
ELEC8346  Power Systems Modelling
ELEC8347  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 1
ELEC8348  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 2
ELEC8349  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 3
ELEC8370  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 1
ELEC8371  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 2
ELEC8372  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 3
ELEC8380  Advanced Power Electronics Applications in Power Systems
ELEC8390  Master of Engineering Preparation Project
ELEC9310  ICT Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
ELEC9311  ICT Doctoral Thesis (part-time)

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