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Units: Engineering, Computing and Mathematics

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ASST4403  Reliability Engineering
ASST8421  Systems Reliability Modelling
ASST8422  Engineering Asset Management and Risk
ASST8423  Reliability Engineering
ASST8430  BL Strategic Asset Management
ASST8431  BL Environmental Engineering
ASST8432  BL Project Management
ASST8433  BL Oil and Gas Economics
ASST8434  BL Health, Risk and Safety
ASST8435  BL Investment Management
ASST8502  Asset Management Plan
ASST8572  Oil and Gas Economics
ASST8576  Investment Management
ASST8588  Asset Engineering Special Topic 1
ASST8589  Asset Engineering Special Topic 2
ASST8730  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 1
ASST8731  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 2
ASST8732  Dissertation MBEAsset Mgt Part 3


CHPR3412  Extractive Metallurgy—Principles
CHPR3413  Extractive Metallurgy—Technologies
CHPR3432  Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design
CHPR3433  Process Dynamics and Control
CHPR3434  Particle Technology
CHPR3531  Process Modelling
CHPR4401  Chemical Engineering Design Project Part 1
CHPR4402  Chemical Engineering Design Project Part 2
CHPR4403  Future Energy
CHPR4404  Advanced Thermodynamics
CHPR4405  Particle Mechanics and Solids Handling
CHPR4406  Reaction Engineering
CHPR4407  Transport Phenomena
CHPR4411  Chemical and Process Engineering Project Part 1
CHPR4412  Chemical and Process Engineering Project Part 2
CHPR4431  Advanced Reaction Engineering
CHPR4432  Special Topics in Mineral Processing
CHPR4530  Process Systems
CHPR4531  Advanced Prediction of Fluid Properties
CHPR5501  Advanced Reaction Engineering and Catalysts
CHPR5520  Combustion Science and Technology
CHPR5521  Gas Processing 1—Flow Assurance and Gathering
CHPR5522  Gas Processing 2—Treating and LNG Production
CHPR5551  Chemical Engineering Design Project 1
CHPR5552  Chemical Engineering Design Project 2
CHPR8430  BL Petroleum Fluids and Process Engineering
CHPR8431  BL Measurement and Control
CHPR8432  BL Facilities Design
CHPR8501  Advanced Prediction of Fluid Properties
CHPR8502  Process Modelling
CHPR8503  Process Modules
CHPR8531  Petroleum Fluids
CHPR8588  Process Engineering Special Topic 1
CHPR8589  Process Engineering Special Topic 2


CITS1001  Object-oriented Programming and Software Engineering
CITS1002  Programming and Systems
CITS1401  Problem Solving and Programming
CITS1402  Introduction to Databases
CITS2002  Programming and Systems
CITS2200  Data Structures and Algorithms
CITS2211  Discrete Structures
CITS2230  Operating Systems
CITS2232  Databases
CITS2401  Computer Analysis and Visualisation
CITS3001  Algorithms, Agents and Artificial Intelligence
CITS3002  Networks and Security
CITS3003  Graphics and Animation
CITS3010  Professional Practicum
CITS3200  Professional Computing
CITS3201  Human–Computer Interaction
CITS3210  Algorithms
CITS3220  Software Requirements and Project Management
CITS3230  Computer Networks
CITS3231  Security and Privacy
CITS3242  Programming Paradigms
CITS3401  Data Exploration and Mining
CITS3402  High Performance Computing
CITS3403  Web and Internet Technologies
CITS4001  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 1
CITS4002  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 2
CITS4008  Scientific Communication
CITS4201  Software Engineering Project Part 1
CITS4202  Software Engineering Project Part 2
CITS4211  Artificial Intelligence
CITS4220  Software Quality and Measurement
CITS4222  Software Engineering Industry Project Leadership
CITS4230  Internet Technologies
CITS4240  Computer Vision
CITS4243  Advanced Databases
CITS4401  Software Requirements and Design
CITS4402  Computer Vision
CITS4403  Computational Modelling
CITS4404  Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Systems
CITS4419  Mobile and Wireless Computing
CITS5501  Software Testing and Quality Assurance
CITS5502  Software Processes
CITS5503  Cloud Computing
CITS5551  Software Engineering Design Project 1
CITS5552  Software Engineering Design Project 2
CITS7200  Scientific Communication
CITS7201  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 1
CITS7202  Computer Science and Software Engineering Research Project Part 2
CITS7211  Modelling Complex Systems
CITS7212  Computational Intelligence
CITS7219  Mobile and Wireless Computing
CITS8201  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation A Part 1
CITS8202  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation A Part 2
CITS8203  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation B Part 1
CITS8204  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation B Part 2
CITS8205  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation C Part 1
CITS8206  Computer Science and Software Engineering Dissertation C Part 2
CITS8220  The Software Process: Principles, Implementation and Improvement


CIVL1110  Engineering Structures
CIVL2121  Engineering Geology and Geomechanics
CIVL2122  Geomechanics
CIVL2150  Surveying and CAD
CIVL3111  Structural Steel Design
CIVL3112  Structural Concrete Design
CIVL3120  Applied Geomechanics
CIVL3130  Hydraulics II
CIVL3140  Civil Engineering Analysis and Modelling
CIVL3150  Project Management and Risk Engineering
CIVL3170  Introduction to Offshore Engineering
CIVL4101  Civil Engineering Project Part 1
CIVL4102  Civil Engineering Project Part 2
CIVL4110  Structural Dynamics
CIVL4111  Design of Structural Systems
CIVL4120  Foundation Engineering Design
CIVL4121  Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering
CIVL4122  Offshore Geomechanics
CIVL4130  Offshore and Coastal Engineering
CIVL4150  Engineering Practice
CIVL4170  Design of Offshore Systems
CIVL4180  Transportation Engineering
CIVL4401  Applied Geomechanics
CIVL4402  Civil Hydraulics
CIVL4403  Structural Concrete
CIVL4404  Structural Steel
CIVL5501  Structural Dynamics
CIVL5502  Transportation Engineering
CIVL5503  Underground Construction
CIVL5504  Offshore Geomechanics
CIVL5505  Introduction to Design of Offshore Systems
CIVL5551  Civil Engineering Design Project 1
CIVL5552  Civil Engineering Design Project 2
CIVL7140  Civil Engineering Numerical Analysis
CIVL8101  Dissertation MCEng Part 1
CIVL8102  Dissertation MCEng Part 2
CIVL8103  Dissertation MCEng Part 3
CIVL8104  Dissertation MCEng Part 4
CIVL8105  Dissertation MCEng Part 1
CIVL8106  Dissertation MCEng Part 2
CIVL8111  Earthquake and Blast Resistant Design
CIVL8120  Computational Geomechanics
CIVL8130  Computational Fluid Mechanics
CIVL8140  Computational Solid Mechanics


EART3351  Mineral Resources


ELEC1300  Digital Systems 1
ELEC1302  Power and Machine Technologies
ELEC2300  Circuits and Electronic Systems 2
ELEC2301  Digital System Design
ELEC2303  Embedded Systems
ELEC2304  Physical Electronics 2
ELEC2305  Signals and Systems 2
ELEC2306  Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
ELEC3300  Analogue Electronics
ELEC3301  Circuits and Electronic Systems 3
ELEC3302  Communications Systems
ELEC3303  Electromagnetic Theory
ELEC3305  Power and Machines
ELEC3306  Signals and Systems 3
ELEC3307  Engineering Management and Industrial Practice
ELEC3320  Process Instrumentation and Control
ELEC4300  Control Engineering
ELEC4301  Digital Communications and Networking
ELEC4302  Digital Microelectronics Systems Design
ELEC4307  Power Transmission and Control
ELEC4308  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Project Part 1
ELEC4309  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Project Part 2
ELEC4310  Computer Engineering Project Part 1
ELEC4311  Computer Engineering Project Part 2
ELEC4320  Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering Project Part 1
ELEC4321  Process Instrumentation and Control Engineering Project Part 2
ELEC4332  Project Engineering Practice
ELEC4338  Special Topics
ELEC4339  Special Topics
ELEC4342  Semiconductor Nanoelectronics
ELEC4401  Circuits and Electronic Systems
ELEC4402  Communications Systems
ELEC4403  Digital and Embedded Systems
ELEC4404  Signal Processing
ELEC5501  Advanced Communications
ELEC5502  Analogue Electronics
ELEC5503  Digital Microelectronics Systems Design
ELEC5504  Power Electronics
ELEC5505  Power System Analysis
ELEC5506  Process Instrumentation and Control
ELEC5507  Optical Engineering, Photonics and Biomedical Imaging Systems
ELEC5508  Semiconductor Nanoelectronics
ELEC5551  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Project 1
ELEC5552  Electrical and Electronic Engineering Design Project 2
ELEC8310  Individual Project (MEICT) Part 1
ELEC8311  Individual Project (MEICT) Part 2
ELEC8312  Individual Project (MEICT) Part 3
ELEC8315  High Performance Embedded Systems
ELEC8317  Advanced Wireless Communications
ELEC8324  Compound Semiconductor Devices
ELEC8326  Micro-electromechanical Systems
ELEC8329  VLSI Technology and Reliability
ELEC8330  Dissertation MEME Part 1
ELEC8331  Dissertation MEME Part 2
ELEC8332  Dissertation MEME Part 3
ELEC8341  Energy Management System
ELEC8343  Numeric Protection, Communications and Transducers
ELEC8345  Power Systems Control
ELEC8346  Power Systems Modelling
ELEC8347  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 1
ELEC8348  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 2
ELEC8349  Dissertation ME (PS) Part 3
ELEC8370  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 1
ELEC8371  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 2
ELEC8372  Dissertation ME (EE) Part 3
ELEC8380  Advanced Power Electronics Applications in Power Systems
ELEC8390  Master of Engineering Preparation Project
ELEC9310  ICT Doctoral Thesis (full-time)
ELEC9311  ICT Doctoral Thesis (part-time)


ENRL1131  Introduction to Extractive Metallurgy [EXM131 Murdoch]
ENRL2207  Thermodynamics [PEC201 Murdoch]
ENRL2256  Process Mineralogy [EXM256 Murdoch]
ENRL3357  Hydrometallurgy [EXM357 Murdoch]
ENRL3358  Pyrometallurgy [EXM358 Murdoch]
ENRL3391  Mineral Processing I [EXM301 Murdoch]
ENRL3392  Mineral Processing II [EXM302 Murdoch]
ENRL4435  Advanced Topics in Extractive Metallurgy [EXM435 Murdoch]
ENRL8530  System Engineering for Complex Problem Solving [EEET5107 UniSA]


ENSC1001  Engineering Challenges in a Global World
ENSC1002  Material Behaviour from Atoms to Bridges
ENSC1601  Large-scale Engineering Wonders
ENSC2001  Motion
ENSC2002  Energy
ENSC2601  A Critical Theory of Technological Development
ENSC3001  Mechanisms and Machines
ENSC3002  Materials and Manufacturing
ENSC3003  Fluid Mechanics
ENSC3004  Solid Mechanics
ENSC3005  Mass and Energy Balances
ENSC3006  Chemical Process Thermodynamics and Kinetics
ENSC3007  Heat and Mass Transfer
ENSC3008  Structural Analysis
ENSC3009  Geomechanics
ENSC3010  Hydraulics
ENSC3011  Resource Extraction Technologies
ENSC3012  Data Collection and Analysis
ENSC3013  Environmental Systems
ENSC3014  Electronic Materials and Devices
ENSC3015  Signals and Systems
ENSC3016  Electric Machines
ENSC3017  Circuits and Electronics
ENSC3018  Process Synthesis and Design
ENSC3019  Unit Operations and Unit Processes
ENSC3501  Biological Oceanography
ENSC3502  Physical Oceanography
ENSC4011  Engineering Science Honours Research Project Part 1
ENSC4012  Engineering Science Honours Research Project Part 2


ENVE1601  Environmental Systems Engineering
ENVE2601  Data Collection and Analysis
ENVE2602  Environmental Fluid Mechanics
ENVE2603  Introduction to Environmental Hydrology
ENVE2605  Environmental Engineering Design and Management
ENVE3601  Environmental Fluid Mechanics
ENVE3602  Environmental Engineering Design and Management
ENVE3603  Quantitative Environmental Hydrology
ENVE3604  Ecological Engineering
ENVE3605  Mathematical Applications in Environmental Engineering
ENVE3606  Contaminant Fate and Transport
ENVE4401  Contaminant Fate and Transport
ENVE4402  Hydrology
ENVE4403  Fluid Transport, Mixing and Dispersion
ENVE4405  Eco-engineering
ENVE4601  Environmental Engineering Project Part 1
ENVE4602  Environmental Engineering Project Part 2
ENVE4603  Environmental Engineering Design and Management
ENVE4606  Environmental Modelling
ENVE4609  Water and Wastewater Treatment
ENVE4614  Oceanographic Engineering
ENVE4615  Physical Oceanography
ENVE5502  Wastewater Treatment and Reuse
ENVE5551  Environmental Engineering Design Project 1
ENVE5552  Environmental Engineering Design Project 2


GENG2140  Modelling and Computer Analysis for Engineers
GENG3001  Engineering and Social Justice
GENG4010  Professional Practicum
GENG4020  Professional Practicum
GENG4402  Control Engineering
GENG4403  Extractive Metallurgy
GENG4405  Numerical Methods and Modelling
GENG4407  Advanced Engineering Mathematics
GENG5000  Professional Practicum
GENG5011  Engineering Honours Research Project Part 1
GENG5012  Engineering Honours Research Project Part 2
GENG5501  Coastal and Offshore Engineering
GENG5502  Environmental Geotechnics
GENG5503  Modern Control Systems
GENG5504  Petroleum Engineering
GENG5505  Project Management and Engineering Practice
GENG5506  Renewable Energy
GENG5507  Risk, Reliability and Safety
GENG5508  Robotics
GENG5509  Engineering Design Project Part 1
GENG5510  Engineering Design Project Part 2
GENG5511  Engineering Research Project Part 1
GENG5512  Engineering Research Project Part 2
GENG5514  Finite Element Methods
GENG5515  Interdisciplinary Design Project
GENG5801  Engineering Asset Management
GENG5802  Asset Failures
GENG5803  Investment Management for Field Development
GENG5804  Decision Making Under Risk


MATE1412  Materials Engineering 1
MATE2412  Materials Engineering 2
MATE3411  Materials Engineering 3
MATE3414  Materials Characterisation
MATE4411  Materials Engineering Project Part 1
MATE4412  Materials Engineering Project Part 2
MATE4413  Non-metallic Materials


MATH0700  Preparatory Mathematics
MATH1001  Mathematical Methods 1
MATH1002  Mathematical Methods 2
MATH1045  Intermediate Calculus
MATH1601  Mathematics, Culture and Everyday Life
MATH1701  Introductory Mathematics Foundations
MATH1711  Introductory Mathematics Specialist
MATH1712  Intermediate Mathematics Specialist
MATH2020  Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra
MATH2021  Introduction to Applied Mathematics
MATH2031  Introduction to Pure Mathematics
MATH2040  Engineering Mathematics
MATH2209  Calculus and Probability
MATH2224  Operations Research
MATH2300  Fundamental Concepts in Mathematics
MATH2501  Mathematical Methods 3
MATH3021  Dynamics and Control
MATH3022  Scientific and Industrial Modelling
MATH3031  Algebraic Structures and Symmetry
MATH3032  Analysis and Geometry
MATH3300  3PO: Introduction to Geometric Topology
MATH3321  3OR: Operations Research
MATH3325  3A5: Continuum Mechanics and Industrial Modelling
MATH3327  3A7: Chaos and Dynamical Systems
MATH3329  3A9: Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH3335  3P5: Groups and Symmetry
MATH3339  3P9: Advanced Topics in Pure Mathematics
MATH3341  3M1: Mathematical Methods
MATH3342  3M2: Complex Variable Methods
MATH3370  3ALG: Rings, Fields and Matrix Algebras
MATH4001  Special Unit: Mathematics and Statistics Research Project 1
MATH4403  Advanced Mathematics 1
MATH5540  Advanced Mathematics 2
MATH7115  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Sciences) Part 1
MATH7125  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Sciences) Part 2
MATH7215  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Mathematics) Part 1
MATH7225  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Mathematics) Part 2
MATH7315  Dissertation (Honours—Pure Mathematics) Part 1
MATH7325  Dissertation (Honours—Pure Mathematics) Part 2
MATH7421  4A1: Financial Mathematics
MATH7423  4A3: Advanced Topics in Optimisation
MATH7424  4A4: Continuum Mechanics
MATH7425  4A5: Mathematical Methods
MATH7426  4A6: Advanced Dynamical Systems
MATH7429  4A9: Topics in Applied Mathematics
MATH7431  4P1: Analysis and Geometry 1
MATH7432  4P2: Analysis and Geometry 2
MATH7434  4P4: Algebra and Combinatorics 1
MATH7435  4P5: Algebra and Combinatorics 2
MATH7438  4P8: Topics in Pure Mathematics 1
MATH7439  4P9: Topics in Pure Mathematics 2
MATH8513  Dissertation 513 Part 1
MATH8514  Dissertation 513 Part 2
MATH8525  Dissertation 525 Part 1
MATH8526  Dissertation 526 Part 1
MATH8527  Dissertation 526 Part 2
MATH8530  Dissertation 525 Part 2


MCTX3420  Mechatronics Design
MCTX3421  Control and Mechatronics
MCTX4421  Mechatronics Engineering Project Part 1
MCTX4422  Mechatronics Engineering Project Part 2


MECH1401  Engineering Dynamics
MECH2401  Engineering Design and Visual Communication
MECH2402  Manufacturing
MECH3401  Thermofluids 3
MECH3402  Engineering Project 1
MECH3403  Mechanical Design
MECH3404  Vibration and Signal Processing
MECH3405  Structural Integrity
MECH3406  Engineering Project 2
MECH3422  Mechanisms and Multibody Systems
MECH4400  Engineering for Sustainable Development
MECH4401  Mechanical Engineering Project Part 1
MECH4402  Mechanical Engineering Project Part 2
MECH4404  Acoustical Engineering
MECH4405  Design Tools: Finite Element Modelling
MECH4407  Engineering Tribology and Maintenance
MECH4414  Fundamentals of Engineering Fabrication and Metalworking Processes
MECH4423  Advanced Control Engineering
MECH4424  Measurement and Noise
MECH4426  Dynamics, Vibration and Sound
MECH4428  Degradation of Materials
MECH4429  Applied Engineering Thermodynamics
MECH5501  Advanced Vibration and Sound
MECH5502  Analysis and Design of Machine Components
MECH5503  Engineering Tribology
MECH5504  Design and Failure Analysis of Materials
MECH5551  Mechanical Engineering Design Project 1
MECH5552  Mechanical Engineering Design Project 2


MINE3160  Rock Mechanics and Rock Slopes
MINE3161  Surface Mining
MINE3162  Underground Mining 1
MINE4111  Mining Engineering Project Part 1
MINE4112  Mining Engineering Project Part 2
MINE4161  Mine Design
MINE4162  Underground Mining 2
MINE4165  Mining Management
MINE4166  Geotechnology of Mine Waste Management
MINE4171  Mineral Processing Systems Project Part 1
MINE4172  Mineral Processing Systems Project Part 2
MINE4401  Underground Mining 1
MINE4404  Rock Mechanics
MINE4405  Mineral Resources
MINE4406  Geotechnology of Mine Waste
MINE5501  Mining Management
MINE5502  Underground Mining 2
MINE5503  Surface Mining
MINE5551  Mining Engineering Design Project 1
MINE5552  Mining Engineering Design Project 2


OENA8430  BL Ocean Engineering
OENA8432  BL Marine Systems Dynamics
OENA8433  BL Oil and Gas History, Economics and Geopolitics
OENA8554  Subsea Technology
OENA8588  Marine Engineering Special Topic 1
OENA8589  Marine Engineering Special Topic 2


OGEG2500  History, Economics and Geopolitics of Oil and Gas
OGEG4500  Oil and Gas Engineering Project Part 1
OGEG4501  Oil and Gas Engineering Project Part 2
OGEG4590  Special Topics in Oil and Gas Engineering
OGEG5801  Introduction to Oil and Gas Engineering
OGEG5802  Introduction to Offshore Engineering
OGEG5803  Reservoir Engineering
OGEG5805  Drilling Engineering
OGEG5806  Process Simulation
OGEG5807  Subsea Technology
OGEG5808  Offshore Structures
OGEG8513  BL Future Energy
OGEG8521  Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 1
OGEG8522  Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 2
OGEG8523  Oil and Gas Engineering Dissertation Part 3


PETR2510  Petroleum Engineering Fundamentals
PETR3510  Drilling and Completion Engineering
PETR3511  Reservoir Engineering
PETR3512  Reservoir Characterisation
PETR4510  Production Optimisation
PETR4511  Reservoir Simulation
PETR4512  Reservoir and Well Performance
PETR8430  BL Petroleum Geology
PETR8431  BL Reservoir Engineering
PETR8432  BL Drilling and Completion Engineering
PETR8433  BL Production Operations
PETR8501  Production Optimisation
PETR8502  Drilling and Completion Engineering
PETR8503  Reservoir Engineering
PETR8504  Reservoir Characterisation
PETR8505  Reservoir and Well Performance
PETR8510  Petroleum Geology
PETR8522  Reservoir Simulation
PETR8588  Petroleum Engineering Special Topic 1
PETR8589  Petroleum Engineering Special Topic 2


STAT1400  Statistics for Science
STAT1520  Economic and Business Statistics
STAT2061  Probability and Mathematical Statistics
STAT2225  Statistical Science
STAT2401  Analysis of Experiments
STAT2402  Analysis of Observations
STAT3061  Random Processes and Their Applications
STAT3062  Statistical Science
STAT3361  3S1: Random Processes and Their Applications
STAT3364  3S4: Applied Probability in Commerce and Finance
STAT3365  3S5: Industrial Statistics and Total Quality Management
STAT3366  3S6: Applied Statistical Methods
STAT3368  3S8: Practicum in Statistics
STAT3369  3S9: Advanced Topics in Mathematical Statistics
STAT3401  Advanced Data Analysis
STAT3402  Communication and Problem Solving with Statistics
STAT3403  Surveys
STAT3404  Statistical Significance
STAT7415  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Statistics) Part 1
STAT7425  Dissertation (Honours—Mathematical Statistics) Part 2
STAT7441  4S1: Statistical Inference
STAT7442  4S2: Biostatistics
STAT7443  4S3: Spatial Statistics and Point Processes
STAT7444  4S4: Computer Intensive Methods in Statistics
STAT7448  4S8: Sample Surveys
STAT7449  4S9: Topics in Probability and Statistics
STAT7450  4S5: Time Series Methods and Applications
STAT7515  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Statistics) Part 1
STAT7525  Dissertation (Honours—Applied Statistics) Part 2

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