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Units: Archaeology (Arts)

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ARCY1001  Discoveries in Archaeology
ARCY1002  Archaeology Today: Principles and Themes
ARCY2001  The Emerging Human
ARCY2002  Archaeology of Colonisation and Contact
ARCY2003  Historical Archaeology
ARCY2004  The Archaeology of Rock Art
ARCY2005  Rock Art Field Unit
ARCY3001  Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Europe
ARCY3002  Archaeological Field Methods
ARCY3003  Archaeological Laboratory Methods
ARCY3004  Heritage Archaeology
ARCY3005  Archaeology of Indigenous Australia
ARCY3006  Neolithic and Bronze Age Europe
ARCY4101  Archaeological Theory
ARCY4102  Professional Practice (Archaeology)
ARCY4103  Research Training 1
ARCY4104  Research Training 2
ARCY4140  Dissertation (Archaeology) 1
ARCY4141  Dissertation (Archaeology) 2
ARCY5101  Archaeological Survey
ARCY5102  Specialisation in Archaeology
ARCY5103  Artefact Analysis
ARCY5104  Working with Stakeholders
ARCY5105  Archaeological Resource Management
ARCY5106  Interpretation and Conservation in Archaeology
ARCY5107  Reporting Archaeology
ARCY5108  Professional Placement (Archaeology) 1
ARCY5109  Professional Placement (Archaeology) 2
ARCY5110  Archaeology Research Design 1
ARCY5111  Archaeology Research Design 2
ARCY5112  Dissertation (Professional Archaeology)

For pre-2012 courses only:

Other units that may count towards an Archaeology major


CLAN3005  Roman Archaeology
CLAN3008  Roman Britain

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