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SWSP5617  Family-centred Practice: Mental Health
LAWS3368  Feminist Analysis of Law
VISA2227  Feminist Interventions in Art
VISA2228  Feminist Theory and Practice
GEND3901  Feminist Thought
SWSP5309  Field Education 1: First Placement
SWSP5429  Field Education 2: Final Placement
SWSP4429  Field Education II
EART2232  Field Geology
SCIE3304  Field Techniques in Marine Science
VISA2234  Film Noir to the New Wave
ECON3204  Finance and Economics for Minerals and Energy
LAWS3306  Finance Law
ACCT1101  Financial Accounting
ACCT3321  Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
ACCT5531  Financial Accounting: Theory and Practice
FINA2209  Financial Planning
ACCT3302  Financial Statement Analysis
GENG5514  Finite Element Methods
LAWS5112  Fisheries Law and Marine Species Protection
DENT5638  Fixed Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry
ENSC3003  Fluid Mechanics
ENVE4403  Fluid Transport, Mixing and Dispersion
PUBH2208  Food and Nutrition in Population Health
PUBH5804  Food and Nutrition in Population Health
LAWS5621  Food Laws and Regulation
SCIE5610  Food Science Research Project Part 1
SCIE5611  Food Science Research Project Part 2
SCIE5612  Food Science Research Project Part 3
SCIE5613  Food Science Research Project Part 4
FNSC5530  Food Science: Emerging Issues
LAWS3366  Forensic Advocacy
FNSC5612  Forensic Anthropology I—Introductory Theory and Method
FNSC5626  Forensic Anthropology II—Advanced Theory and Method
FNSC5614  Forensic Archaeology—Theory and Method
FNSC7413  Forensic Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 1
FNSC7414  Forensic Chemistry Honours Research Project Part 2
FNSC7411  Forensic Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 1
FNSC7412  Forensic Chemistry Honours Written and Oral Skills Part 2
FNSC5619  Forensic DNA Analysis
FNSC5519  Forensic DNA and the Law
DENT5653  Forensic Medicine
DENT5650  Forensic Medicine and Pathology
DENT5654  Forensic Pathology
LAWS5519  Forensic Psychiatry
FNSC5518  Forensic Science and Policing
FNSC5548  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5549  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5550  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5551  Forensic Science Anthropology Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5649  Forensic Science Dissertation (Anthropology) Part 1
FNSC5650  Forensic Science Dissertation (Anthropology) Part 2
FNSC5647  Forensic Science Dissertation (Odontology) Part 1
FNSC5648  Forensic Science Dissertation (Odontology) Part 2
FNSC5646  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5540  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5541  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5644  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5542  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5543  Forensic Science Dissertation Part 4
FNSC5544  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 1
FNSC5545  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 2
FNSC5546  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 3
FNSC5547  Forensic Science Odontology Dissertation Part 4
FNSC9644  Forensic Science Thesis (Anthropology) (full-time)
FNSC9645  Forensic Science Thesis (Anthropology) (part-time)
FNSC5617  Forensics and Information Technology
PHIL3007  Formal Logic
CIVL4120  Foundation Engineering Design
HIST5503  Foundations and Frameworks of Historical Knowledge
PSYC5672  Foundations in Clinical Skills I
PSYC5673  Foundations in Clinical Skills II
PHCY5606  Foundations of Clinical Science
EMPL2201  Foundations of Employment Relations
PUBH2206  Foundations of Epidemiology
PUBH2203  Foundations of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
MICR5829  Foundations of Infectious Diseases Part 1
MICR5842  Foundations of Infectious Diseases Part 2
IMED4111  Foundations of Medical Practice
PHAR2210  Foundations of Pharmacology
PUBH5749  Foundations of Public Health
LAWS4108  Foundations of Public Law
PATH5531  Foundations of Surgical Pathology
FREN3802  French Exchange
FREN2801  French Exchange
FREN1401  French Studies 1
FREN2812  French Studies 12
FREN1402  French Studies 2
FREN2403  French Studies 3
FREN1403  French Studies 3
FREN2404  French Studies 4
FREN1404  French Studies 4
FREN2405  French Studies 5
FREN1405  French Studies 5
FREN3405  French Studies 5
FREN2406  French Studies 6
FREN1406  French Studies 6
FREN3406  French Studies 6
FREN2407  French Studies 7
FREN3407  French Studies 7
FREN3408  French Studies 8
FREN2408  French Studies 8
FREN3409  French Studies 9
HIST2011  From 'Glorious Revolution' to Industrial Revolution: Making Britain 1688–1888
HIST3008  From Sudan to Saddam: Australia's Foreign Wars
BIOL1130  Frontiers in Biology
PHYS3012  Frontiers in Modern Physics
MATH2300  Fundamental Concepts in Mathematics
SSEH5654  Fundamentals in Research Methods
SSEH5655  Fundamentals of Data Analysis in Sport Science, Exercise and Health
ENRL5571  Fundamentals of Dental Sleep Medicine [DENT6100 UA]
ELEC2306  Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering
MECH4414  Fundamentals of Engineering Fabrication and Metalworking Processes
PUBH5742  Fundamentals of Genetic Epidemiology
PATH2210  Fundamentals of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
ANHB5432  Fundamentals of Sleep Biology
ANHB5431  Fundamentals of Sleep Technology
CHPR4403  Future Energy
IDES2040  Future Making

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